What we are loving today!!!

With Jake Finch at the helm Of Generation Q Magazine only good things can flow from this uber talented team of Sewers and Quilters sharing the world of fabric wth us!!   We are so pumped by this exciting online Magazine that shares both quilting and apparel notions with it’s reader. There is so much more to these fabrics that we are still learning about on a daily basis.

We are so grateful for the spotlight and are so thankful for their debut.  We wish them much success and are excited to share them with our followers. One of our favorite friends Scott Hansen who is an amazing quilter and colorist is also involved with this exciting Magazine.!!  Lucky for me he is now into bright in your face colors and we have become besties!!

So excited for his new position as tweetmeister and cabana boy for Gen Q Magazine.  Oh and did I point out he has a great sense of humor. So thanks my new friends for sharing us with your readers ..so lucky to have you in the Quilting Neighborhood.  Thanks for all the good work with charities to ..your goodness is showing.


2 Responses to “What we are loving today!!!”

  1. Jennifer Fraunfelder says:

    beautiful fabrics. Love West Indies! Those 5 swatches look really great together as well. hmmm. Will have to add them to my Wish list.

  2. Scott says:

    thanks so much for the glowing review Jennifer! I missed this last week…just saw it today. You rock, my friend, you rock…..

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