A Special Quilt Made by a Special Stephanie!

At our last Sis Boom sale in Wilton we met some very special peeps.

One lovely lady, Stephanie, brought her sweet quilt to share with us and it warmed our hearts! (We were a little disappointed that she didn’t forget it at our house!)

We’re loving how Stephanie added solid blocking in there, which really helps define the pattern and create a bold contrast!

If you’d like to email Stephanie with any questions, please feel free to do so by clicking here.

4 Responses to “A Special Quilt Made by a Special Stephanie!”

  1. Jackie says:

    Just beautiful! Wonderful Job!

  2. susan b says:

    thats my sisters, awesome job steph, you rock!!!

  3. Rachaeldaisy says:

    What a beautiful, bright, happy quilt! The colours glow!!

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