West Indies game on 2 Winners

I always like to up the chance of winning makes for a better game.  So here it is two fat quarter piles with your name on it.  All I want to know is your favorite color from the collection with a hash mark in front to enter..so like this #green . Truth be told I hope it drives more traffic to the site but haven’t got a clue..so long as it looks like I know what I’m doing..So Madeline cut these out and I folded them.  What I’m trying to say they are fatquarters Sis Boom style.  Not necessarily perfect. I went to see how to fold a fat quarter and figured that could take a whole day.  Please don’t judge the quality just have fun with the quantity.  Lets just say enough to create a beautiful quilt top!!!  Damage Control at it’s best.  Winners posted Friday evening It’s a quick one.

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