A Rebecca & Shannon Reminder!

If you haven’t already, you’re definitely going to want to check out our newest patterns, the Rebecca and Shannon shift dresses!!! We are LOVING this Honey Child / Queen Street combo paired by the fabulous Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress!! What would your shift dress combo be??

Hurry up and whip yours up before the summer is over!! (Pssst – You can also wear it into fall with some cute tights and a cardigan).

4 Responses to “A Rebecca & Shannon Reminder!”

  1. Tina says:

    Love the Honey Child Fabric! and REALLY love this dress! “Sew” adorable!

  2. Jennifer F says:

    I absolutely adore this dress. I adore both Rebecca and Shannon. Hey, you should do a giveaway of these 2 new patterns. (and pick me, wink wink) 😀

  3. Donna A says:

    it pleases me

  4. Caroline L says:

    Really love this! I need some dresses like this, very simple and good for any season!

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