Get Your Girl’s World buttons!!!…

So maybe you’ve been hearing here there and everywhere about wonderful Sis Boom friends receiving Girl’s World badges from us… and Let us explain, because this is a truly exciting and wonderful concept..

So many amazing, wonderful people have been writing in about Girl’s World.. comments that make our hearts smile and let us know we’re on the right path.. our Sis Boom friends & fans are LOVING the book. With that being said, many people, along with Jennifer’s suggestions, have shared with us their fabulous plans to teach a Girl’s World class– to their friends, daughter’s friends, Brownie troups, etc.

It’s a THRILL to watch the Girl’s World vibe spread from community to community, and we hope you’ll join us in spreading the love! Check out pics from this class that our dear friend Jenny just taught…!!!!!

If  this idea excites you and seems like something that could really create a special moment for you and a group of sweet little girls, let us know by emailing us HERE, and we will mail you the correct amount of Sis Boom buttons (We’re trying to stick as close to or less than 10 buttons per class, as to make sure everyone gets them!). They read, “Living a Girl’s World!” and they couldn’t be happier!

3 Responses to “Get Your Girl’s World buttons!!!…”

  1. meg duerksen says:

    this is very cool jennifer! makes me think of all kinds of ideas! i wish i could come to your sale!!! 🙂

  2. Mary Smith says:

    What a great idea. I have been thinking about doing a class for my daughter and her friends. I actually e-mailed jenny to get ideas..
    The badges would be a great addition

  3. I would love to make one of my classes as ‘Girls World’ and have these buttons for them to accent the moment. Six would be perfect…Should you need additional info. Please email. Thank you and look forward to this awesome touch!

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