Girl’s World Getting Lots of LOVE!

We just love Twitter– we’ve met the most wonderful people over there!!! If you’re not signed up yet, think about joining and then find us (click on the bird below), because we’d love to chit chat with you and keep you posted on all of the wonderful happenings!

Today’s post is about a special person we’ve encountered on twitter– We’d love to take a moment and thank @panopramangas for writing such a beautiful blog post, with such fabulous photos on her blog, Pano Pra Mangas. (When you get there, scroll down for the English version!) Enjoy!

One Response to “Girl’s World Getting Lots of LOVE!”

  1. Margarida says:

    I’m not the princess, but this feels better than a royal wedding present :-)))

    Thank you, Jennifer for your lovely words. They mean the world to us!

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