Hearts and Hearts and Hearts!

It’s V-day… and so there’s no such thing as posting TOO many heart photos! Hearts in all different shapes, sizes and materials is pretty much what got us so super excited for this month of LOVE! Enjoy these romantic, burlap hearts. Jennifer assigned a special filigree to each burlap heart, which makes every one stand out in its own special way. Whaddya think?! awesome, right?!

3 Responses to “Hearts and Hearts and Hearts!”

  1. Ruth says:

    Really beautiful!

  2. Melissa P says:

    Totally awesome! I’m very taken with these burlap hearts.

  3. Those are so pretty! Love them! It totally made me visualize a cool project idea too–burlap heart pillows, with my daughters profiles cut out in Sis Boom, and then appliqued on the burlap. Hmmm… I’ll have to see if I can find me some burlap.

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