Queen Street!!

Did you all get to see it at market?????? I hope you all have yours and are ready to get your hand making on!!!  The holidays are around the corner!! For those of you interested in buying handmade check out Etsy because there are great shops selling great handmade items that you have to have! BTW If you are looking for Queen Street to purchase Etsy can be  a great place to start. Thanks for all the blog and website love..we are so happy with our new diggs!!!  Talk soon.

Queen Street
What it feels like!

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  1. Jenny Fish says:

    Yes yes! I saw it! I took pics of the quilt and another of a Free Spirit display from a fabric wholesaler that had a gorgeous piece of Madeline framed with other Free Spirit fabrics. I just need to blog it!

  2. i have mine on the way, so many ideas and i cant wait to dive in!! my grandbaby wants “purple”….how cute!!

  3. Allie says:

    I wish I had seen it – never been to Market, lol! It’s SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

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