Create your SIS BOOM ROOM

Madeline has been busy putting together her vision for a Sis Boom Room she’s like to live in…..Boy I could so abide!!!!!  Look at that Back Bay Blue hook rug so darn pretty.  She really has the eye.  So if you like what you see grab hold and create a similar look for yourself.  Take a look at Queen Street and get the duvet happening and the curtains. DIY with the most immediate gratification.

Dress your room in Sis Boom

1. Queen Street Fabric. $10 per yard retail (unless you find a bargain!) retailers, go to Free Spirit Fabric for more info, 2. Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli Back Bay Hook Pillow $59.00, 3. Sis Boom by Jennifer Paganelli Hook Rug (Please tell us if you find a retailer!)

14 Responses to “Create your SIS BOOM ROOM”

  1. Jenny Fish says:

    Oh wow I didn’t realize the pillows were embroidered and hand hooked! So pretty! The link on the rug takes me to a page with pillows. Do you have the link for the rug yet?

  2. Melissa P says:

    I’m in agreement on the blue and green! And the DIY instant gratification part. 🙂

  3. Jenny Fish says:

    Sorry, I am so wiped out. I forgot to include my initial thoughts on the layout. WOW Madeline! WOOOOOWW!!!! It’s gorgeous!

  4. Allie says:

    I don’t want a Sis Boom room – I want a Sis Boom WORLD!!!!

  5. Kim D. says:

    LOL, Love Allie’s comment and your reply. Such Beautiful fun fabrics! Unfotunately the Mr. isn’t too hip on florals in the bedroom. I may have to change up the sewing room.

  6. carey says:

    i’m dying for the sis boom hook rug for my baby’s room!! any info on retailers???? i NEED it!!
    her bedding is custom made patchwork prints from jennifer… it would be perfect!

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