I can do this!

So that’s what I’m telling myself..gave my assistant Madeline the day off and now wonder what I was thinking.  That girl completes me!!!!  Do we love her or what? plus she also cares about you all as much as me and that is a rare find..needles in haystacks are easier..whassup with that???  Anyway we are now on wordpress and teaching an old dog new tricks and I’m not talking customer service rep George , I’m talking me…I bought the boy (George ) the finest gourmet bone so I wouldn’t be disturbed….(and praying he doesn’t bury it….) The best laid plans…all this cause last time I posted and even viewed it it (the post ) disappeared.  So I’m really going to try this time!! I don’t want Maddie to give up on me!!!

So I got these pics in my email from a wonderful girl named Amy who redid her sleeping porch with none other than Sis Boom and look at all those greens harmonizing together.  It’s so beautiful and tranquil…..wonder if I’ll get invited to sleep there???  I think she’s somewhere in Massachusetts!!  With permission we’ll get them in Sis Boom Sightings so you can be inspired too..

So that’s it we are abuzz getting our Christmas/Holiday show ready we’ll post pictures soon…Please come if you can we’d love to see you.

BTW Is this the best site you ever saw!!!  If it is please contact Marcie and Jordan to do your site they are a winning team.  Just click at the bottom of the home page where you see Bannana Land and Sumo Web works!!!!

Hope everyone arrived at quilt market safe and kudos to all the designers and the folks that keep us busy!! That’s you all!

I wasn’t Kidding…Here’s George..oh and he loves Notre Dame football..just sayin.

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