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My Blog friend Clarice Fox Hughes has written her first novel!!!  So happy for this girl!!!  I don’t know if you have ever visited Storybook Woods but she is a phenomenal chef and now a writer!!!!  It’s called Wren Bay and it is her story and includes the recipies you all savor when you visit her blog..Well it’s available on LuLu and you will be blown away by these recipies.  Wanna preview??? Well get over to Clarices Blog straight away!!! Clarice I can say I knew you when!!!! All the very best as you launch this major work and I wish you only good things.  xoxox

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  1. Oh dear Jennifer, thank you soo much for your kind words. They mean everything to me. I just wish I could come and cook for you. Wren’s wedding cake is rocken!! I do hope Wren encourages and inspires everyone to see their blessings and make the most of what they have. Thank you again. Love Clarice

  2. Allie says:

    Congratulations to her – yay for new authors! I wish her much success!

  3. naomig says:

    Congratulations to Clarice! So awesome, LOVE hearing of new authors being published, and cannot wait to check out her book. 🙂

  4. Congratulations to Clarice!! Look forward to checking this one out!

  5. Rachael says:

    Lovely food, a good story, you’ve caught my attention! I know you shouldn’t judge a book by the cover but I love that cover! I’m popping over to have a look at Clarice’s blog.

  6. Clarice is a sweetheart and so creative! I’ve always loved her blog and I’m so excited to read Wren Bay!

  7. I just finished reading Clarice’s “Wren Bay” and now I’m ready to get my own house in order…and cook some of the amazing recipes she includes in each chapter! Clarice never ceases to amaze.

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