She’s at it again!

Toni Hamel of Toni Hamel designs has done it again look at the sweetness she has stirred up with the Sis Boom Fabrics !! She’s twirling in our fabulous red and pink woodcut, the zebra which is my fave and the rich
chocolate brown floral…Too Fun…Thanks for sharing your photos toni!!! anyone else? Step right on up we would love to spotlight the Sis Boom Lovers!!8

3 Responses to “She’s at it again!”

  1. junk2jewels says:

    Oh Toni does rock!!! I adore that chocolate floral!…O.K. thats i, Seriously Im ging to just go order the fabric and worry about learning how to quilt when it arrives! I mean it, Im going…….right now! lol Tracy

  2. Teresa says:

    Ack!! THAT dress and little twirling girl are so darling. And a purse and headband too! Sigh!

  3. Ohh myyy GOOODNESS!! Just sooooo Fabulous!! Really just too fab!!! WOW!
    xoxo me

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