Listen to Me!

Listen to the new Sis Boom Audio Message from me!

Download sisboomwelcome.wav

Here is the Map Quest Link
Map of 40 E Meadow Rd Wilton, CT 06897-4704, US


8 Responses to “Listen to Me!”

  1. Laurie says:

    I’d come on down if I weren’t so far down across the nation!!!! Wish I could be there! Love everything of yours, Jennifer!!!! Good Luck!

  2. clarice says:

    Sigh, why do I have to live on the other side of the US. Fun to hear your voice by the way. Clarice

  3. *Heidi* says:

    My, oh my! You’re getting pretty technical with us! Voices and links and all! Just kidding! Now, to keep up with you I’m going to have to figure out how to record the Pacific Ocean waves sound and put it in my blog, as I live on the Oregon Coast! I’d put a mapquest link on, but they haven’t found us yet….

  4. Bethany says:

    hmmm…I wonder if I can talk hubby into a little day trip? I really would love to come by..that photo of you with all of that fabric just tempting me. I’m gonna have to ask REALLY sweetly 🙂

  5. I will be there in spirit!

  6. Jennifer, It would be an honor to meet you, and someday it will happen. I’ll be in Oregon during that time, but best of luck to you at the show and I’ll be thinking of you!!

  7. Toni says:

    Totally wish I lived near there. I am in love with the new fabric… Super fabulous!
    Toni 😀

  8. Check your bad-self out, all techno-savvy and stuff! I had a microphone once….got glitter in it. Oh well! C’est la vie! You look sis-boom-beautiful!

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