Martha’s Glitter Girl

I want to introduce you to a friend of mine Laurie Davis she has been glittering her way through life and if she gets her way the world would be covered in a melodious shimmer……I say melodious because she can also sing and is recognized throughout town for her vocal chords…She is a Celeb and good person to know….Dubbed the fruit Fairy she started a line of wonderous fruit garland for the christmas tree years ago and that’s how it all began…so visit her site, her blog, her ETSY store and tell her I sent you by she’ll be so grateful you stopped to learn about what she’s up to. By the way you can also watch her tutorials on Martha and learn a thing or to about glittering for the Holidays…Easterpix31707015

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  1. Laurie’s website is fantastic. And so is her etsy store! What is it about glitter that women love so much!? ^_^

  2. Hey Jennifer!!!
    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for featuring me on your wonderful blog! What a thrill to read…and see…and I’ve already gotten a new friend on my blog after she read about me here!!!! You are THE BEST and I send you all my love and hugs. Thanks for being such a great friend and INSPIRATION.
    Yours in glitter,
    The Glitter Fairy (or “The Glitter Lady” as Martha likes to call me!)

  3. Heidi says:

    Sweet! I’ll go check Laurie’s site! Oh, and I do love glitter!

  4. I just love Laurie’s blog and her creations!!!

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