It will all work out.

That’s what I’m learning over and over every day I don’t have to worry and the struggle is optional. My husband has a great inner compass when it comes to letting go, he doesn’t get crazy. I need help from friends and support groups to stay in that zen zone..not complaining I seriously don’t know what I’d do without the men and women in my village. I count on my tribe for necessary counsel to come back from the edge but whats wonderful is after years of asking for help and learning to cope in a demanding world I now have my own healthy inner dialog taken from all the wonderful wisdom that’s out there. Today my mantra is “everything is working out for me” it always is! When I don’t keep my focus on me and centering myself through self care then its easy to derail and feel the world is falling apart. Truth is its always falling together but I’m trained to think its all over, its the end, It will never be the same. Why bother? So guess what I’m sitting still and listening to prompts from the universe and going with what feels right. Yup that better feeling thought. Its truly working out for me. Life has never been better. I’m about to go on an adventure, leaving our home in Ct.for Florida. I love our home, it truly is a happy home it’s where we raised our children and we met the most amazing people in this wonderful town. Its where George the family dog licked everyone in sight. Its a special place. We were stewards and we took good care of this amazing place. We leave a legacy of love. The first person who saw it and wanted to purchase our home said they could feel the love….say what? Our job is done here! To my children Matt and Kate we will have new memories on Sunny shores so don’t fear. God is good. I’ll still be designing fabrics but I am so compelled to paint so paint I will. Thank you everyone for loving what we do here.

Save the Date – Holiday Show December 8 & 9 – Last Show Ever!

Whether, you have attended the Holiday Show every year for the last 25 years or this has been on your bucket list to travel to, save the date for Friday December 8 and Saturday, December 9 because this will be Jennifer’s last show ever. Set in lovely Wilton CT in Jennifer’s rambling farmhouse, this show is not to be missed.

As always there will be Jennifer’s paintings, costume jewelry, holiday gifts galore, clothing from her East End line and more. Also a beautiful stash of vintage pillows will be available for sale to complement your beautiful homes…. highly desirable due to the antique nature of the fabrics. She is also selling her vintage fabric library; maybe the first in the country with over 3000 fabrics over 75 years old to 125 years old. She also continues the tradition of creating her sequined trees that are her best sellers over the years. Christie of Christie’s Quilting Boutique, will be there with Jennifer’s fabric, as well as Earth Angels Studios. Earth Angels travels the country showcasing fun handmade goods by contemporary female artists and vintage loot. Other artists in attendance will be illustrator and multimedia artist, Eileen Grace and crafter extraordinaire Marsha Dicostanzo. Get your holiday shopping done in one spot and support local artisans.

A portion of all proceeds will go to recovery efforts of the USVI and Puerto Rico after the devastating hurricanes hit this past September. Having grown up in the USVI and with family and friends in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean is near and dear to her heart.

So please come by come meet her, say hello, say good bye but please don’t miss this opportunity. She loves hugs and she is going to need them when she starts her new life with her husband and dog Gracie in the sunny state of Florida.

Blythe Dolls and Sis Boom

Blythe carrying a hand made tote in Eloise from the Happy Land Fabric line. Photo and tote by Christie Ray Jones

Have you heard about Blythe Dolls? She has a cult following of hobbyists who customize the doll by creating clothing, accessories and shoes for her. Blythe is (11 inch) tall, with an oversized head and large eyes that change color with the pull of a string. The Blythe Dolls were originally based on the character Betty Boop and the paintings ‘Big Eyes’ by the artist Margaret Keane. She was created in 1972 and was initially only sold for one year in the United States by toy company Kenner (later purchased by Hasbro). In 2000, the photo book This is Blythe was published, and in 2001 the Japanese toy company Takara began producing new editions of Blythe dolls. She has been hit ever since!

Last year, Jennifer teamed up with Jen from Earth Angel Studios for the annual Holiday show and they are collaborating again this year. Jen’s artists are doing a special Meet N Greet at the Lafayette Mill Antiques Center, Lafayette, NJ focusing on the Blythe craze. Meet Blythe and see what all the fuss is about — Bring your doll, meet the artists, watch a custom demo — Letty Worley, Rosanna De Bellis & Sue Parker are the SPECIAL GUESTS. Join them on Friday, October 20 from 4 to 6:30 pm.

Pampered Chef Fundraiser Benefiting Puerto Rico

Calling all cooking/baking fans and friends and family of chefs and bakers. Jennifer is hosting a Pampered Chef online party and the proceeds are going to help the island of Puerto Rico to rebuild after Hurricane Maria.

The holidays will be here before we know it, so shop now for the perfect holiday gift or hostesses gift. Pampered Chef offers cook’s tools, cutlery, stoneware, bakeware, and accessories to make cooking and entertaining fun. Not only will you get your holiday shopping done early, but you’ll know your purchase is going towards a worthy cause. Thanks in advance for your support!

Sis Boom Raises Over $4K for Victims of Hurricane of Maria in Puerto Rico

Many of you know already, the Caribbean is near and dear to Jennifer’s heart, but Puerto Rico holds a very special place. It’s where her sister, Molly Assad lives with her family and mother, Patricia. Molly, her family and mother where a few of the lucky ones and able to leave the island before Hurricane Maria, a category 4 hurricane, slammed into Puerto Rico on September 20.

Jennifer, center, with her sister Molly and mom Patricia in Florida in early October

Since the hurricane, Puerto Rico is struggling. Empty shelves, no electricity, no water, no gas. Downed power lines, impassable roads, homes and belongs covered in mud as flood waters recede. The Jones Act, which requires that shipments between two US seaports travel only on US-flagged vessels, built in US shipyards, with American owners and crews, has unfortunately made it difficult for much needed supplies to arrive quickly. Puerto Ricans are working hard and doing everything they can to rebuild but it will take months and years.

Immediately after the hurricane, Jennifer’s sister Molly, had been getting reports off the island about the dire situation and swiftly jumped in to help from Florida. She has shopped for supplies herself and had them shipped over, and contacted owners of private planes to fly in larger lots of supplies. Jennifer saw everything her sister was doing and immediately began donating herself and offering up her paintings, fabric, patterns for sale on Facebook and Instagram with part of the proceeds going directly to her sister and her efforts. Thanks to you, our Sis Boom fans, we have raised over $4,000!!! Thank you all who have donated directly and purchased items benefiting our efforts. We appreciate it so much!

But, there is still much do be done. If you’d like to help, please consider donating directly to Molly’s GoFundMe Account or the fundraiser Jennifer started on Facebook benefiting Habitat for Humanity in Puerto Rico.

Finally, most of the Caribbean islands devastated by Hurricane Maria and Hurricane Irma, which hit earlier in September, rely mainly on tourism dollars. So please consider spending your vacation dollars in the next year in the Caribbean if you can; they are vitally important to the region’s economy and long term recovery.