Decisions, Decisions…

So Katie needs your help!!  Which would you choose..Fun party coming up and not sure which clutch!!!  Do yourself a favor create the Jamie in Good Company and go dancing!! Clutches $35.00! email us!!




We are THRILLED to be announcing the girl’s version of the ladies Tortola today, The Tobago pattern. The pattern Goes from size 3/6m all the way up to 13/14! Each size has the option for a little ‘V’ slit in front, and multiple cutting length options so you can have dress or shirt or anywhere in between length! The sizes up to and including 3/4 have a loop or tie option for the back to accommodate the toddler/baby head sizes easily into the shirt. 5/6 and above have a straight across back piece like the Tortola pattern. Check out Carla’s pretty niece in her dress length Tobago made from Sisboom fabric’s new line, Beauty Queen. Still need the Tortola to coordinate with your bamboozal?  Look here into the bundle available til October.   or go straight to the source…here. To see all the Tortolas and Tabagos please check in at our sister Pattern place Scientific seamstress.  Oh and guess what…

You can buy it HERE in our etsy, and until July 16, 2014 it is on intro pricing of only $5 !!!

gorgeous country set



The Jamie for the Holidays!!!

Seriously with a little shrug !!!  Happiness in the Holidays!!!!  What is up with me I am so in love with you all !!  You are having so much darn fun with Sis Boom these days!!! xoxox

We are lucky to have you in Happy Land USA.  Photo by Tim Geaney!!

Butterflies in my stomach

It’s always hard to open up your home and display your  work to the world and hope that it makes folks happy and  that it brings a smile.  I don’t really ask for much more than that.  I hope that you can see it in your home and that it touches you in a special way that handmade items have the capacity to do.  So come bring a friend there is always coffee and cookies and lots of good convo as they say on ETSY.  I can’t wait to see you. Below Katie in our latest pattern called the Angie after our beloved tester Tom’s wife.  A truly beautiful soul.  It will be at You Can Make this by next week. You know that Carla she doesn’t sleep much debuting both the Leighanna and the Angie in one month. We are so grateful to her.  So keep watching. My daughter Kate also holds one of our burlap hearts with a vintage jewel to give someone special. Oh and by the way the Angie has deep pockets and no will make it your everyday dress!! Try Marie Madeline for Chandler in Blue!  The blue is more like the Blue in this picture.

Are you sitting down??

Wanted to give you a quick reveal of The Shana  Bell Sleeve Tunic for your Fall plans and designs!!!  It already exists all you have to do is download..Opaque tights nice knee high black boots and you are a throwback to the seventies.  Then with a sweet headband from Girls World Vibe how can you miss?  I love this longer sleeve too.  Remember long or short a dress or over pants.  You are going to be stunning.  Say hello to daughter Kate, she did me a solid and stepped in for a photo shoot with Tim Geaney!! Thanks Kate.  Download yours tonight and find the fabric here at Marie Madeline they’ve got 22 yards in stock!! Love this hipster look!!

Roll out the Red Carpet for Rosetta!

We were lucky enough to have Katie home for a few days last week… so what did we do? We scooped her up and made her model some Sis Boom goodies… specifically the Rosetta bag!!!

Did you know there are actually 3 size options? Mini (S), Purse (M) and Tote (L)- all of which come with the pattern PDF! Also, there are three options for edge finishing (overlocked, narrow hemmed, and double thickness ruffles), so don’t worry if you don’t have a serger!

The Rosetta bag is currently our only (and most favorite) PDF bag pattern. We have seen our Sis Boom friends mix it up like none other!

The options are limitless and it is a very versatile shape and design that appeals to little girls and moms alike. I bet you could even talk your college gal into carrying her books in one of these beauties!

A Rebecca & Shannon Reminder!

If you haven’t already, you’re definitely going to want to check out our newest patterns, the Rebecca and Shannon shift dresses!!! We are LOVING this Honey Child / Queen Street combo paired by the fabulous Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress!! What would your shift dress combo be??

Hurry up and whip yours up before the summer is over!! (Pssst – You can also wear it into fall with some cute tights and a cardigan).

Rebecca & Shannon Dress Patterns Hot off the Press!

Join us in welcoming the newest Sis Boom patterns!!!….

The Rebecca Dress and the Shannon Dress!!! Sleak, Chic and fun, these new dresses are flattering, classic with a twist, and of course, an absolute pleasure to sew!! We are SO super excited about these gals!!!!!

Just $10.00 each for a fabulous & amazing pattern. Thank you to Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress for working her magic with this one (as always), our wonderful models, Abby & Liz, and of course, thank you to Tim Geaney for capturing the Sis Boom magic so beautifully.

More about The New Gals in town, Rebecca and Shannon…


The Rebecca shift is a stunningly simple garment that gets you right out the door, looking manicured and ready for anything.  Grocery store, errands, PTA, cocktail party, speaking engagement….this is THE go-to closet item.  The flattering notched neckline and dropped waistband can be made with matching or contrasting prints.  Imagine the Sis Boom fabric choices that take this one from prepster college girl to sophisticated city girl.  Because of the tailored style, we have provided extremely detailed fitting information and pattern pieces in every numerical size from 0-26W.  The semi-fitted skirt and princess bodice can be made from a combination of sizes to get a cut that is perfect for your proportions.  In addition, the bodice and skirt have multiple cutting lines, so even if you are tall or petite, you can get just the torso and hemline lengths you are after.


The simple shift is a true all-occasion garment, and we are so in love with our Shannon! Pair with flip-flops for a stroll along the boardwalk, or with a headband and dressy flats for an evening at the symphony. This little dress features a tailored fit with a slight A-line flair. The notched neckline and dropped-waist belt can be made of matching or contrasting fabric…what a fun way to play with Sis Boom prints!  The bodice and skirt have multiple cutting lines so you can get just the look and length you are after.

Have You Gone Bonkers for Bosco yet?

So, we know it’s been up for a while on our blog and in our newsletter, but we wanted to be sure that you’ve all seen and downloaded this really special, totally adorable, extremely versatile, and last but certainly not least, FREE, Bosco Bowtie PDF pattern!!!

To download the pattern, either click on the link in the previous sentence, or click on the pattern cover image below!

Thanks a million, Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress, for helping us create this precious little gem of a pattern!… and thanks to the cutie on the pattern cover, Tyler, for doing such a brilliant job at looking adorable! pssst- see Carla’s handsome little devil of a son modeling Bosco Bowtie by clicking HERE

Ok we know what many of you are thinking, “it’s not for me.. I don’t have a little boy…”… and this is where we come in to share with you all of the wonderful uses that a Bosco Bowtie can be put to!…

  • Bowtie (duh!)
  • Headband
  • Doggie accessory (around the neck–so cute, we know!)
  • Funky wrap around bracelet
  • Around a gift
  • As a barrette (hot glue the bow portion to a hair clip!)

Can you think of anything else?? Download this pattern and come up with some ideas! Share them with us via our Sis Boom flickr!

See what Craft Gossip had to say about the Bosco Bowtie!!

What we’ve been up to…

First of all, a huge, heartfelt thank you to the Make & Mingle crew, as well as all who joined us at the fabulous book signing on Tuesday–what a fun gals afternoon we had!!

It was really awesome meeting friends in person that we’ve been chatting it up with on twitter! We love our twitter & we love our Sis Boom friends!!!

West, son of Make & Mingle owner, Alexcia, sure had a great time hanging with Jennifer. He also did a great job of greeting all the women who came to get their copy of Girl’s World!! Thanks, West! He even signed someone’s book for them! Cute, cute, cute!!!

Our next big event is Quilt Market in Utah! Get ready!!!.. because we’re going to be having a very special School house, featuring the amazing Carla Crim of Scientific Seamstress, and then our Girl’s World book signing at the Chronicle Books booth!!! We’ll also be handing out some real goodies so make sure to stop by and say hello! (We’ll be getting you dates & times within the next day or so!)