We love you guys!!!  Facebook is hopping and it tells us that we are on track !!  You all mean so much to us and your opinion matters. So when you give us the thumbs up on a pattern or a product we get so very very excited!!!! So browse through our pics find inspiration and get to your bliss!!!  We support the dream in everyone!!!



Into the woods with Circa!!!

We can feel the romance of Circa!!! We wanted to share with you some of the beauty from our most recent shoot…Some of these are our own patterns revisited and some our from Girls World, again revisited!! We feel so blessed to be working with the master ..Mr. Tim Geaney!!

Circa Land

I can’t get over the beauty you are all creating with Circa!!  You have all been so patient so loving so supportive of one another, sharing and giving yardage away to help another quilter or passionate sewist!  You are all making me so happy and I can’t get over how many lovely people knock on my FB page everyday. You are all so delightful and you know I love seeing those pretties you are sewing.  I don’t have to tell you the word on the street about Circa and it all started here by listening to your requests and at the same time upholding the Sis Boom Legacy of Happy!!

So check these out.  Another one of our Aussie friends is creating to die for sunsuits that are just dreamy! Lil Luscious on facebook needs to get more in stock because she does it so well.  Serenity Worell you are making our day!!!!

She’s taking orders..just sayin.


Modern Maxi

We love our Betty Ann pattern named for a beloved mentor of mine.  This Maxi looks so terrific on Jeanne Hamling, one of our long time testers daughters.  Look at the shoes my friends , that’s what caught my eye!!!  I love her confidence and pride in wearing one of mom’s creations!!!  All of Jeanne’s kids are beautiful and I had the pleasure of meeting this one Miss Lily out in Utah!!  Folks I’m sorry I won’t be at quilt market but I will be thinking of all of you!!!  This pattern can be found under patterns on this site as well as many other pattern platforms! This fabric is part of our Crazy Love collection and can be found here.  Thank you Glam Fabrics on Etsy..  In Australia we found some here.  Thank you Fabric Traders AU

So there you have it , a pretty girl in a pretty handmade dress and coordinated shoes..We love you Lily!!


St. Croix Vibe

Look at this beauty, I would have loved a face but sometimes it’s just not a good hair day.  This is my old island roots. I love woman of color in brights it brings me back to my homeland.  And when I hear a sing songy dialect of the Caribbean islands I am somehow immediately transported to a wonderful time in my life.  This color dazzles on this woman and I’m so glad her first choice was brights.  Against her skin tone it was just all meant to be.  Sara Beth Upshaw of Molly Blossom’s is kicking it up big time in Jackson Mississippi and we couldn’t be more thrilled with this amazing silhouette!! Follow her Etsy shop and website for upcoming releases.  Pattern coming soon so stay close.  Thanks Sara for a beautiful silhouette. Crazy love fabric found here!!


George the pup

Kristy Smith from Hopeful Threads is having a grand time with her Girls World pups, using Happy Land she is creating the most sweetest of pooches. Thanks for sharing them with us Kristy..we are so crazy about you. Visit her shop here.  Thanks Kristy for sharing our book Girls World with your readers, means the world to us!!!!!

By the way make sure to hoard all the Happy Land you love as we make way for Circa!!!!! xo




Twirling and twirling that’s what girl’s are made of.  Emma Woods on facebook made this amazing dress and it got lots of attention on our FB page.  All of you with all your talents just make my life so easy.. So much better than talking about me all day.  Emma this is gorgeous and I believe this is your daughter. She looks so happy. I’ll never ever forget my first twirl dress mom couldn’t get me out of it.  So here’s  to all of the dizzy girls and the mother’s who love them.  Fabric found here.  Thank you Hawthorne Threads   Also on ebay charm packs and fatquarters of Crazy Love!! Holla!! Emma we can’t wait to see what’s next.



This girl is on fire…

Denise Walker has been creating like Crazy!!!!!! You can totally see the joy!!!  Everytime her picture comes up on facebook you can hear her smiling.  Just in love with the girl and now you can see her wonderful choices on Made it!!  Denise you are contagious and everyone loves to see and hear from you but above all that you are having a good time.  Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for adding so much richness to our community on facebook.  We are loving everything in ButterFly Bees!


Come shop on facebook!

We are selling some of our one of a kind handmade clothing so please stop into facebook and say hello!!!  It’s too fun for words.  I post some real fun clothing and accessories and you jump in and say hey I want that for my teenage daughter.  Come by facebook and see for yourself how it works and scroll down the page and see what’s for sale If it says Sold at the end of comments then it is no longer available.  All you have to do is like the page and take a look at what’s for sale.

Like these pillows for instance $32.00 each shipped, sell like hotcakes 8 x 8 and so addictive. and this sweet dress for your 3/4 year old $35.00 each shipped.  so come visit so you don’t miss this wonderful Sis Boom Opportunities.


Vintage Child

What a great name for Cat Christiansen’s creations. A Vintage Child is her wonderful place on etsy of precious hand makings.  She does it so well.  Look at this stunning little girl with her Crazy Love Pinafore.  Love the combo and the sweet knots.  Cat we are so grateful for your wonderful touch and thanks for sharing with our blog readers. Everyone is so inspired by everyone else and we are so appreciative when someone puts a signature twist on their collection..Beautiful. Follow sweet Cat on facebook.