Sneak Peek of Hotel Frederiksted

Hotel Fred 2

It’s time to introduce the next fabric line…Drum rolls please for Hotel Frederiksted.

We are super duper excited. Next week we will be revealing some of what our Sis Boom friends have been working on!!! Aug 15th the ideas will all start rolling in. In the meantime dream a little dream.

Hotel Frederiksted releases November 2016. Hotel Frederiksted was a hotel my father owned on the other side of the island of St. Croix. Frederiksted was other worldly in its quiet nature where the only sign of life were the uniformed sailors that routinely took over the town when their mighty ships docked. Starting as a spec on the horizon, I knew slowly as these vessels approached, I would soon be dwarfed by these mammoth ships. This sleepy town lit up when the big cruise ships docked. We loved going on a trip to Frederiksted to greet the cruise ships and be awestruck by their size. Souvenirs lined the streets of the town and it was the local color that beckoned the tourists. The tourists were all dressed in colorful garb, and as a local, we quietly swore to never look like a tourist but it was their loud sometimes garish outfits that spoke to my soul. Here, repeated from the depth of the ocean blues to the pinkish orange sunsets is my interpretation of this sacred time in my life. Please share with your quilting friends. Stores carrying our fabrics are welcome to use our collages to promote.

Hotel Fred 1

Hotel Fred 3

Sis Boom Super Fan: Amanda Wilson of Dream-for Girls

We are in the dogs days of summer here in the States, but our down under fans are enjoying cooler weather. Amanda Wilson of Dream-for Girls in Sydney, Australia released a darling collection of clothing for girls featuring our Color Brigade fabric and we are so flattered. She even named the collection Jenny Rose after Jennifer saying “it’s for a beautiful lady named Jennifer, with a sprained ankle and who paints roses with magic as well.” Jennifer sprained her ankle earlier this summer when her dog, George, took off after a chipmunk. Luckily she is OK and pleased old George still has some peep in his step.

Amanda’s collection is available in her Etsy Shop, so hop over and check it out. Amanda has 2 beautiful children, a playful puppy, a great loving husband and a large extended adorable family too. She has worked as a designer/patternmaker and it’s always been her passion.

When we asked Amanda to send her a little bio about herself, she sent in the sweet little poem below. Judging from her joyous spirit, a little extra love and happiness is sewed into every garment she makes.

“Once upon a time…
from down under here…
There was a dream…
of sunny days, beautiful fabrics, sweet party dresses, smiles and fun twirly skirts in our aussie gum tree bush, pretty bows and playful pants down under here !!
Along came a friend and captured some magical photos with love, along came another friend,to walk us on the way…
and hello !!! Dream – for girls.

Photo credit: Meredith West of Dee Dub Designs






Color Brigade Quilt Tutorial by Garen Sherwood

Full Quilt- CB

If you’ve never seen a quilt by Garen Sherwood of Tranby Lodge Quilts, get ready to be wowed by this stunner in all 18 fabrics from the newest Sis Boom line, Color Brigade. Garen has graciously written up a tutorial for you all and you can download the full instructions here-Color Brigade Quilt by Garen Sherwood pdf.

Garen has made many gorgeous quilts using Sis Boom fabric over the years and we always look forward to her creations when a new fabric line comes out!

We hope you are enjoying Color Brigade and please share what you are making with us on social media – tag us on Instagram (SisBoomCo or JenniferPaganelli) and we’ll share it with all your fellow Sis Boom fans.

Off the Shoulder Marlo Tutorial with Jeanine Thomlinson

Once again Jeanine Thomlinson takes you through a wonderful tutorial on an off the shoulder Marlo dress with lace trim. She is using Rachel in Green from the new Color Brigade line. If you have any questions on this pattern or any other Sis Boom patterns, please join our Sis Boom Pattern Co Facebook Group.



Your first step is going to be to hit that “patterns” tab and pick up the Marlo pattern.
Then you cut the pattern pieces as directed. I used the longest cutting length for this for a nice mini dress length, but honestly I almost went maxi length…. the only thing that stopped me was not having 3yds of this fabric – and I HAD to have this fabric!┬álol.
Now when you get to cutting your ruffle strips, you will want to use the BACK ruffle length (it is shorter, and with a longer ruffle too much width will make it stand out poofy a bit) and then ADD many inches to the length of the ruffle. Remember it is easier to do a wider hem or cut an inch off the bottom than to add it later. so be generous. Here you can see how wide I cut my ruffle. Also, if you CAN cut on the bias (aka. you have enough fabric) I would recommend you do so for the drape. I didn;t since I was tight on fabric only have 2yds to do this entire dress in.


Sew the sides of the dress together and finish the armholes as per the pattern. Then finish the top edging of the neckline – this is not in the pattern, but serge or zig zag or something to finish that edge and finish one edge of the ruffle with the serger/zigzag as well.
Now you are going to put the dress into the ruffle. right side of the dress to the wrong side of the ruffle fabric. Move the ruffle up from the top edge of the dress neckline by elastic length plus 1/4″ for turning a hem. Please do make sure everything is nicely centered – you can refer to your pattern as needed.
Now you are going to start making your casing. Fold the ruffle over just overlapping the serged edges. do this all the way around and sew closely along the edge. Remember to leave a space for the elastic to be threaded.


Now this is what your dress/shirt will look like.


Try it on. Decide where to hem the ruffle. and pin some fabric selvedge to the back side of the dress near where the armhole bias is. and mark the  top edge as you can see I did below. With the dress on fold the slevedge over to the front and pin or mark. This is how you get perfectly placed and length of straps.


I had such a hard time deciding to trim or not to trim…. I also added a little elastic to the waistline at this point. I would not have needed to if I had done shirt length, but as a mini dress I thought it needed a little taking in.


Sew your homemade like bias tape straps in place and you are done!



Color Brigade Tulip Star Quilt – Free Pattern

Color Brigade has been in stores a little less than a month and you have helped make it a runaway success. Thanks for all the Sis Boom love. We do what we do because of you! Don’t forget to share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Color Brigade quilt

If you are a quilter, Coats has a free Tulip Star Quilt pattern available for download. Definitely a intermediate to advance quilting project but with a little determination you can do it. We are here to cheer you on. So grab up Color Brigade and get inspired!