Hotel Frederiksted Tote Bag – Free Pattern

Hurry up November! We are over the moon with the new Hotel Frederiksted line and can’t wait for its arrival in stores this fall (probably early to mid November). If you have a few moments, take a peek at our video on the Hotel Frederiksted collection. It’s filled with amazing clothing, quilting and decor inspiration by a few special sewists and quilters in the Sis Boom Sisterhood.

We also wanted to show you this lovely patchwork tote bag and give you the Hotel Frederiksted Tote Bag Pattern for free. Finished size is 19 X 14 and it has lots of pockets. Great sewing tote or perfect bag while running errands.

Download and make one today with your favorite Sis Boom fabric. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram! We always love seeing what you create.

Hotel Frederiksted Spiderweb Blocks with 100 Billion Stars


We are honored to have Melissa from 100 Billion Stars join us and show you how to make a Spiderweb quilt/mini quilt/placemat. The sample above is in the Hotel Frederiksted Collection coming out in November.

Hello fellow Sis Boom Fans! I’m thrilled to be here as a guest blogger. In case you don’t know me, my name is Melissa P and I blog at 100 Billion Stars. I have a penchant for bold, bright fabrics and alove of all things sewing and crafty. And I have been a Sis Boom fan since the very early days of Jennifer’s grand adventure.

It was Mod Girls that first grabbed my heart. I stumbled on Jennifer’s blog and was drawn immediately to her aesthetic. (Oh the drama of that black and white zebra print!). This was back in the days before we were spoiled with so many choices in quilting fabrics. Sis Boom stood out from the crowd and I loved that!

Fast forward to 2016 and guess what…Jennifer’s prints still stand out. There’s nothing quite like Sis Boom fabric collections. They are fun, nostalgic, pretty and joyful. They have a unique personality, something that every Sis Boom fan relates to easily.

Over the years, I’ve built a grand stash of Sis Boom and have used it for all kinds of creative projects. But more importantly than finding fabrics that inspire playful creations are the people I met. Wonderful friendships formed over a shared love of Sis Boom. All because of Jennifer. She has created a beautiful safe place in the online world—a place filled with color and love. A place that has room for everyone. In 2011, I started a spiderweb quilt made entirely from my Sis Boom stash. I finished that quilt in 2012 and it remains one of my favorites to this day. It’s a celebration of Sis Boom—of my stash at that time and also of my Sis Boom Sisters. Here’s what I said in my post of the finished quilt:


“A web of friendships spanning the globe–that’s what I see every time I look at this quilt. It’s a symbol of the interconnectedness of our lives. So this is really a tribute of sorts to all my friends. If you feel like you’re outside the circle, don’t worry. You’re just a bit further out on the web. Venture in, join a conversation, send an email. There’s always room for one more in this web.”

Those sentiments still hold true in 2016. You are welcome here. There are friends you haven’t met yet. And your creative journey will be brighter and happier for the time you spend here. I am so very grateful for Jennifer and her beautiful Sis Boom world. If you feel the same, don’t be shy. Shout it out! Generosity is a huge part of the Sis Boom Sisterhood. As an expression of that, I’ve prepared a project sheet for you so you can make a Spiderweb quilt/mini quilt/placement/etc. of your very own. A personal celebration of your Sis Boom stash to represent your own journey.

More on how to make my original spiderweb quilt can be found on my original post. You can also download the spiderweb-block-project-sheet.


Color Brigade Patchwork Lumbar Pillow by Sew4Home

Sew 4 Home made a sublime Patchwork Lumbar Pillow with Free-Motion Quilting in Color Brigade fabric. We are thrilled and honored with the results. If you are looking for a bright and cheerful addition to your home decor, this pillow it is!


Patchwork Lumbar Pillow with Free-Motion Quilting
By Liz Johnson

Having grown up in the Virgin Islands, Jennifer has always embraced the world of mismatched patterns. They were a dominant part of the world around her, showing up in layers of different cloth as well as the distinctive head wraps of her homeland’s Cruzan culture. Textiles played a huge role in her early aesthetic development and are the foundation for her designs and their signature saturated colors.

As Jennifer explains it, “Built of florals, a huge Fleur de Lis, a wonderful check, two-tone wood cuts, and rhythmic lines; this collection works together effortlessly and allows the color harmonies to impart a strong island vibe.”

Read the easy-to-follow step by step instructions over at Sew4Home


Mary Fancy Sash Dress Part Deux

Merav, of Baby Hobbes Design, is back again and shows you how she did the
reverse scoop curve on her Mary Fancy Sash Dress. The fabric used for this project is Sophia and Terrie, both in Green from the Hotel Frederiksted collection due out in November. Girl’s World patterns are only available as paper patterns in the back of the book, so make sure you grab yourself a copy off Amazon. It’s filled with 21 amazing projects for girls of all ages. As always, thanks Merav for all you do for Sis Boom. Make sure to follow Merav on Instagram and Facebook for more inspiration.

Mary fancy 3

Hey hey! I am back again, this time with the inside scoop on how to add that ‘reverse scoop’ curve to your Mary Fancy Sash pattern. Last week I shared with you my take on the pattern for my new line of separates. I am all about sewing tops, skirts and pants this fall for Hobbes B2S wardrobe, so she can mix and match mama-made goodies with store bought tops and pants.

I love this pattern for it easy-fit feel. Hobbes loves dressing herself in the morning, and this top (or dress version) just slips on over the head, without zippers or buttons to close. As previously shown, I made three easy tweaks to the pattern: turning into a tunic, lining it so I can skip the bias tape and cutting the front bodice on a curve to add a bit more volume and bounce to the top.

It’s really easy to add a curve to your bodice. Just as long as you follow these SIX easy steps.

1) Be AWARE of your fabric pattern. Check the size of your bodice. A curve bodice on a smaller pattern may mean that your LARGE center flower in your fabric may be cut off. Play around with your precious fabrics before you cut.

2) Trace (if using Mary Fancy Sash from Girls World) or print and cut your pattern according to size.

3) After tracing or cutting your bodice, place it in front of you. Sis Boom Patterns are usually graded on a half bodice, see how I laid my front bodice?

4) Locating the bottom corner of the center bodice (this will be on the side with the word fold) decide on how wide of a scoop or curve you want in the top. Remember that you need to add length to the skirt to accommodate what you removed from the top) otherwise it will be too short. For this top, I measured 1.5 inches from the bottom and marked it with a dot.

*****When curving a top, you will start at the bottom edge under the arm and create a 25-40 degree line to meet the dot on the opposite side.

Sept Blog 1

5) Draw curve your line.

6) Re-cut your pattern with the curve.

Sept Blog 2

That’s all sewing friends! It’s so simple to add a bit of curves in your dresses and tops.

Sept Blog 3

Till next time, happy sewing!
-Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design

Blog Tour Wrap Up

Blog Tour Header

We hope you all enjoyed the blog tour as much as we did! Here is a quick recap of what we saw on the tour!

Day 1: We were at Paisley Roots and her adorable KNIT tobago!

Day 2: We visited Tina Sew Tiny where we got a little tutorial for the Leighanna

Sis Boom Blog Day 3

Day 3: Cookies n’ Bees showed us TWO outfits! the Sally and the Kelsey – with a Kelsey tutorial!

Day 4: We learned from Screeching Dinosaur just how playable the Jeanine Jumper is!

Screeching Dino

Day 5: Pear Berry Lane shows us some adorable and trendy Katie Fancy Pants


Day 6: Troops to Tots did THREE stunning and unique Maddie’s! Check out the back bow using our FREE Beatrice pattern on one of her Maddie’s!

troops to tots

Day 7: We see a whole wall of Kelsey’s in all the different lengths from Crazy Craft Lady.

Crazy Craft

Day 8: Glitter in my Coffee wowed us all with her rainbow Marissa dress!

Glitter in my coffee

Day 9: We got a free pocket pattern for the Sally dress from Sunflower Seams.


Day 10: Adventures with Bubba and Bug shows how great the Katie’s and Tobago are together!

Blog tour day 10

We want to give a HUGE HUGE thanks to all the bloggers for participating in the blog tour and hope you all enjoyed the inspiration the past 2 weeks!

Now we have a final bit of inspiration for you from Merav of Baby Hobbes Designs!

Kelsey Back view

Have you ever downloaded a Digital PDF Sis Boom Pattern and went “SIGH” the moment you noticed that the page number total is at a whooping 150 pages? I have in the past, and I must admit I was a bit overwhelmed the very first time I opened a Sis Boom pattern. What I didn’t realize right away (and thankful for Facebook Sis Boom Pattern Co Sewing Group members who are always willing to help guide and motivate you) was that this 150 page pattern is actually a FULL SEWING LESSON .

Although it feels as if I have sewn for over a decade, I only started sewing clothes for Baby Hobbes Design three years ago. As a self-taught sewist, I can honestly say that a lot of my basic fundamentals and sewing skills can be attributed to the sewing lessons in each Sis Boom pattern. From a loaded glossary of terms and how-to tricks, to a complete guide to measurements, computerized drawings as well as photos of how the garment will look at every stage; a beginner can feel at ease choosing a Sis Boom pattern. One of my favorite features in most Sis Boom patterns is that each size is digitized on it’s own page (hence the large file). Since I mostly sew for Hobbes, I love just being able to print the page in her size without other line drawings and sizes to confuse me.

Ready to try you first Sis Boom pattern? Take a look at Sis Boom Kelsey I sewed up for Hobbes Back 2 School collection featuring Hotel Frederiksted fabrics-coming in November. This pattern gets my beginners friendly stamp-of-approval, and comes with all the bells and whistles-but with a 52 page total. You’ll get 23 pages of step-by-step directions followed by 29 pages of single filed bodice patterns, separated by size. For Hobbes size 4 dress, I printed a total of 2 pages. How’s that for being overwhelmed?

Kelsey 4

Till next time, happy sewing!
-Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design