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Grab, Share, Celebrate, Repeat!

We popped this Beauty Queen goodness on our facebook page yesterday… and our friends and fans adored it! We’re wondering if someone can turn this fun, playful design into a quilt?! That would be kind of awesome- right?!

Feel free to use this image on your site / blog / facebook to help us spread the cheer and love that is Beauty Queen. May should be here before we know it… right?

Have a wonderful day!




Scientific Seamstress Orbits the Sun

Carla Crim AKA all things Sis Boom patterns is launching in a very big way.  She is so busy since we launched the Sis Boom Pattern Co and it’s amazing what she has accomplished in 4 short years.  4 books on Amazon. Count um!  So what if one is done in another language it’s still a ton of books in 2 years. She is by far the best in the industry and I know first hand. I have never and I mean never heard or seen a bad review of one of her patterns.  Folks love them because they spell it out. Quilter Friendly is an overstatement.   They are without a doubt simple and self explanatory.  In light of her uber success and demands of her incredible talents she is now endowed with the classification of expert and as we know experts are fully in demand. Looks like our pattern co. is going to need help in the next couple of years while she pursues her own craft  promising never to be far away.  We are so happy for her success. Please check out her books below.  Keep each one by the sewing table it will make you so very happy!!!!!

Love you Car!!

PS. leave a comment to win Essential Sewing Reference Tool Book!! winner will be announced.


Sis Boom Baby Room

Oh hello sweet little baby that would LOVE this Sis Boom Baby room. I know you’re somewhere out there!


Inspired by this adorable (virtual) baby quilt– with B for Baby, of course– this room is based on a portion of the Beauty Queen palette which brings pale yellows, powdery blues, punchy pinks and great greens together harmoniously.

Does it get sweeter than that little Jenny Lind crib? How about the adorable gnome lamp… and the plush is to die for! Feeling extra creative? Make your own plush Georgie from Girl’s World!  … Now all this room needs is a darling little babe.

  1. Gnome Lamp $59
  2. Sis Boom Carly Bubble Romper PDF Pattern $10
  3. White Rocker $150
  4. Plush Stuffed Owl $15
  5. Virtual Beauty Queen Baby Quilt with poms $10 / yd. Ships in May 2014
  6. Jenny Lind Crib $190
  7. Sis Boom Erin embroidered Polka Dot Pillow $100

Glitter at your fingertips

This is the cleanest glitter you’ll ever work with. No glue, no wait time, no glitter stuck on your face (not that that’s a bad thing!)… just print and play!

Oh, and did we mention that it’s a FREE download?!

Consider this Glitter Textures set a gift – we want you to print, cut and have FUN! The pieces are large enough to create a banner, or can be made tiny enough to design little table settings, cupcake flags, or love notes. Let your imagination run wild!

Click HERE or on the image below to download your glitter kit. The zip file will go to your downloads folder. Open it up and get going! Work with the files digitally or print them for some paper fun.



Just Because … You are WONDERFUL!

Friends… we are excited to announce a HUGE flash sale. For the next 28 hours, ALL PDF SEWING PATTERNS are 50% off. Go cray cray and have a BALL! Show us what you make.