Sis Boom Blog Tour and Giveaways!

Welcome to the Sis Boom Blog tour!

We are excited to announce that our bloggers EACH have a pattern giveaway on their posts! Every weekday from Monday, August 22 through Friday, September 1, we’ll feature something new; so be sure to follow along with this tour!

August 22 Paisley Roots / August 23 Cookies n’ Bees / August 24 Tina Sew Tiny / August 25 Screeching Dinosaur / August 26 PearBerry Lane / August 29 Troosp To Tots / August 30 A Crazy Craft Lady / August 31 Glitter in My Coffee / September 1 Sunflower Seams / September 2 Adventures with Bubba and Bug

Rachel Berwick Hodges, a long time Sis Boom fan (the Rachel fabric from Color Brigade is named after her!), kicks us off and writes about what she loves about Sis Boom Pattern Co patterns. She sewed a Betty Ann Top in the upcoming line Hotel Frederiksted, shipping in November. If you have any questions about any of our patterns (or sewing in general), join close to 2,000 Sis Boom fans on our Sis Boom Pattern Co Facebook group page. Hope to see you there!

My bouncy four-year-old starts preschool next week, and she’s super excited! I wanted to make her something that she can wear to school in all seasons, and the Betty Ann top and dress seemed perfect. The elasticized back ensures that it will grow with her, and the slightly loose fit makes it easy to layer over shirts for cooler weather. It’s a great little pattern because it’s easy to customize. You can add ruffles to the straps, mix and match colors; make it a short top or a long dress, or anything in between. The contrasting pockets are perfect to slip in pinecones and pretty pebbles. I was lucky enough to get my hands on some not-yet-released Hotel Frederiksted, and the pink and red combo is a huge hit with my daughter! I made her top a week ago, and she’s worn it three times and slept in it once! Seeing as this has become one of her favorite tops, I’ll have to make several more variations.

I always love sewing with Sis Boom patterns because the directions are unfailingly detailed and clear. I don’t have to spend a lot of time analyzing the directions, trying to figure out what’s expected of me. I just follow along, step by step. Almost every step is illustrated, too, which is perfect for a visual learner, like me. And with the Sis Boom Pattern Co. online sewing community, there is always someone willing to help if I run into difficulties.




Pattern Drafting With Sew4 Home and a Surprise


Ever wonder how pattern makers make all the wonderful clothing patterns out there? Well, Carla Crimm of Scientific Seamstress and Sis Boom Pattern Co shows you how she does it in this article for Sew4Home. There may or may not be a 25% discount code for all Sis Boom Patterns at the bottom of the article so you might want to check it out.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, join our Sis Boom Pattern Co Facebook group. We are there to answer all sorts of questions on our patterns and general questions too. Don’t be shy, join us today!

Sis Boom Rooms – Hotel Frederiksted Edition

It’s an exciting week here at Sis Boom. The release of Hotel Frederiksted is a few months away, and all this week we will be showcasing projects our fans have been working on in this fantastic new line. Be sure to check out our Facebook and our 2 Instagram pages – Jennifer Paganelli and SisBoomCo.

Since it’s back to school time, we thought a few Sis Boom Teen Rooms would help get you inspired. No teen? No worries. Lots more inspiration to come.

Room 1


Room 2

+ Smart Is Cool Print
+ Good Vibes Only Print
+ White IKEA frame for Sis Boom fabric

Sis Boom in Homespun Magazine


We are thrilled to be in this month’s issue of Homespun magazine out of Australia. Older fans might recognize this photo from a few years ago, but it’s a timeless idea worth sharing again. Here, Jennifer used her grandmother’s yo-yo quilt for the upholstered headboard. You know how we love mixing vintage looks with the new here at Sis Boom! Pillows by Jennifer for Peking Handicraft. Photo by the uber talented Tim Geaney.

Below is a picture of the magazine cover. Its worth seeking out for our Australian fans. Interested fans outside of Australia can download a digital copy as well. It’s a lovely issue loaded with ideas. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Sneak Peek of Hotel Frederiksted

Hotel Fred 2

It’s time to introduce the next fabric line…Drum rolls please for Hotel Frederiksted.

We are super duper excited. Next week we will be revealing some of what our Sis Boom friends have been working on!!! Aug 15th the ideas will all start rolling in. In the meantime dream a little dream.

Hotel Frederiksted releases November 2016. Hotel Frederiksted was a hotel my father owned on the other side of the island of St. Croix. Frederiksted was other worldly in its quiet nature where the only sign of life were the uniformed sailors that routinely took over the town when their mighty ships docked. Starting as a spec on the horizon, I knew slowly as these vessels approached, I would soon be dwarfed by these mammoth ships. This sleepy town lit up when the big cruise ships docked. We loved going on a trip to Frederiksted to greet the cruise ships and be awestruck by their size. Souvenirs lined the streets of the town and it was the local color that beckoned the tourists. The tourists were all dressed in colorful garb, and as a local, we quietly swore to never look like a tourist but it was their loud sometimes garish outfits that spoke to my soul. Here, repeated from the depth of the ocean blues to the pinkish orange sunsets is my interpretation of this sacred time in my life. Please share with your quilting friends. Stores carrying our fabrics are welcome to use our collages to promote.

Hotel Fred 1

Hotel Fred 3