Monarch Workshop

This past weekend I had the luxury of attending Monarch Workshop.  The workshop is run by an incredible group of women (including our very own Madeline) and aims to support "those who need a little push, those who are looking for a creative connection, and those who need inspiration to believe they can follow their dreams." The attendees were made up of a spectacular group of women whose occupations ranged from bloggers to therapists and real estate agents to artists.  The two day workshop consisted of non-stop activities (lessons, speakers, crafting) that catered to the mind, body and soul. It was FABULOUS. Our fearless leader, Jennifer Paganelli, was a guest speaker and led the group in creating vision books.  The books were created by gluing inspiring cut outs (words, quotes, images) from magazines onto blank notebook pages. jennifer vision-book There was yoga and lessons in make-up and skincare. We made our own dream catchers, ate delicious food (from the ladies at Whisk + Brush) and had a tutorial in all things confetti! Take a look below of more images from the incredibly talented Victoria Gloria: monarch-(2) yoga ladies To see even more images click here For information on Monarch Workshop and to receive notifications about the upcoming Spring 2015 Workshop click here flight -- Lisa          

Make your Valentine a bouquet

  Get ready for a photo tutorial of the Valentines Bouquet you all loved. Get some valentine scrapbook paper, maybe some sheet music, some stripes if you want and you will need 18-20 gauge wire so you can glue both ends with hearts.  Cut out 40 hearts and 40 backs to those hearts. Place hearts on either end of 12" wire stem put scrapbook paper and sheet music back to back and sandwich in the wire. Use a 2" punch for best results! See supplies below, very easy project.
Picking up where we left off..
Okay so you have your hearts on wires now so fold the bunch in half,  close hand around gently..bend back the hearts and flip the music sheet to the back or whatever you like the sheet music can be on top( they are on wire so whatever you choose will be on the them outward (that's why we use wire 20 gauge) then when they are all out hold with a rather firm grip and spread them to make a bouquet, so they progressively go out. , wrap ribbon around the wire once you have determined your bouquet is where you like it..use hot glue and wrap  ribbon  around the stem to the top..seal with hot glue..then in the middle of the bouquet put hot glue and add a button or some other vintage castoff or an old jewel..and voila Give it to the one you love!!!! Please let me know how you did.
ainspiration avalentine astripe aheart astem ahandful abounce aup acenter

I have one word for you… Putz

Our intern artist Lauren Cody was commissioned to revamp the vintage Putz Houses that had seen better days.  Lacking their luster Lauren went to work this past summer to renovate these little houses from the past and gave them character .  Wow, they are so happy now and definitely a place I would like to live. 🙂 Love you guys. Thanks Lauren for the love you pour into these.  More Houses at our show below..xo PS Barbara Strawser will be here and she can't wait to meet you all!! chilly-day HolidayInvite
Do you have a special something you need a special box for gifting? Look no further! $25.00 each. Just give us your move in date.
Manufacturer: Sis Boom
$25.00 New

Banner in Girls World

So let's change it up and use some of the projects from Girls World to make Holiday items.  You are going to love this one.  Who doesn't love a little felt in their lives? Vintage pom poms?  Ok so I got your attention.  I'm sure you all remember the banner in Girls World.  It was a Happy Birthday banner but I changed it up a bit to now say Merry Christmas.  You will need wool felt I got mine on Etsy, stabilizer backing, diecuts from Maya Road the white flowery part, and felt letters called stickit's mine are from ebay. Of course a Girls World Book  to keep you on track.  The sentiment is all yours..You make it up!!  So love that you come by it means the world to me!!! banner s tutorial    

Tremendous fun!!

So I took a bunch of candle sticks and spray painted them gold!!  While they were drying I took those cardboard cones wrapped old wallpaper and tinsel around and made a lovely forest of  Christmas trees. I'm finding my true north and trying to always top last years's not easy sometimes I think where is my creativity!!! Like any creative if you don't use it you get a bit stale but I am in the groove and ideas are flying now i need to catch up with them. #sleepless nights. I hope you come this year. Make the trek and see how much fun we have here!!  Invite below in previous post.   So here are the trees. $45.00 each. decorate  

Felt Flower Tutorial

Bouquets are beautiful, and fresh flowers are wonderful... but they fade. Why not make your very own felt flower bouquet?! Give it as the most perfect gift, decorate the house with it, carry it down the isle. Felt-Flower-Tutorial-Jennifer-Paganelli-Sis-BOom These bouquets can be made quickly and easily with few materials. They're fun and the finished product is so wonderful. Enjoy, as Jennifer walks you through her Felt Flower tutorial. Have fun, guys! PS, peep ALL of the Sis Boom tutorials HERE>>

Tissue Pattern Paper Posies!

Try and say that 10 times in a row! Ok, don't.. because it's impossible 🙂 Enjoy this free, fun, fabulous tutorial with Jennifer. She will walk you through the process of making your very own bouquet from... vintage tissue paper patterns! HAVE FUN! If you haven't yet, visit our brand new TUTORIAL PAGE.. Go Crazy!  

It’s time for another TUTORIAL!

Enjoy this Glitzy Sequins on Felt tutorial. Let us know how it goes!

Come by today 11-1

I will be at Fairfield Woods Library Branch so come and make rosettes with me!!  In Fairfield CT.Free!!  The Library is at 1147 Fairfield Woods Road. From the Merrit northbound, take Exit 44.Make a L and then a R onto Rte 58/ Black Rock Tpk, head South to 3rd light, go L onto Fairfield Woods Rd. Go straight at the first stop sign, and you will see the Library on your R.  I'll see you then!!! xo Will have books to sell too..Cash preferred.

Free Tutorial

Oh you must make one for yourself and your Girl.  Jenny our girl from Sew Pretty Dresses has come up with the very best Free Tutorial for our Super Fly fabric Jane named for all you wonderful Janes!!  Check her out, Follow her on facebook!  Jenny loves her kids, her home, and to hoard Sis Boom Fabric, that's why we love her. Seriously she wants to help you!!  She is so supportive of all the guys and gals in the Sis Boom community and has been such an amazing friend to me.  Love her so!!! So here is her daughter Kelsey wearing Jane in green  !! For the fabric try here. Thanks Hawthorne Threads!!   To be honest I had a hard time finding this one so some sincere advice from your friend Jen, start collecting now so you don't run out!!