Coming Soon….Nostalgia

Sis Boom's newest line, Nostalgia, debuts in October and we are thrilled to show you the full line today. Nostalgia has a whisper quality that is uncharacteristic of Sis Boom while still embracing pops of color that allude to Jennifer's earlier fabrics for Freespirit. Confident and robust Nostalgia has a very feminine painterly quality that is soft and warm. The Harlequin pattern is perfect for creating the graphic quality in modern quilting and for bordering (framing) quilts and creating contrast with the orb quality of the other designs. It’s the pinks, the greens, the blues, the golds; the symphony that is Sis Boom. And oh the florals! Those fantastic florals with a faded old world sensibility sun kissed and ready to party! You’ll find it fits your vintage infused interiors, your vintage infused brands. It is romantic and happy just the way you like it. image Blues in left to right: Kumi, Hilary, Tilly and Jimmy Blue_large Blues in left to right: Kitty, Figgy and Jackson Blue_small Golds in left to right: Hillary, Figgy, Tilly and Jimmy Gold_final Greens in left to right: Kumi, Jimmy and Jackson Green_large Greens in left to right: Kitty and Hilary green_small Pinks in left to right: Kumi, Figgy and Jackson Pink_Large Pinks in left to right: Kitty and Tilly Pink_small What projects are you planning with this fabric? Don't forget to share with me on Instagram. I love seeing what you create with Sis Boom fabric.

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