Sis Boom, Baby!

Ooooh baby! Something very special is happening around our offices these days... Jennifer's right hand gal, Madeline, is pregnant! Yaaaaayy to Madeline and her hubby, Jordan!!  Thanks to my fellow Sis Boom admirers (i'm talking about YOU!) and a one stop shop at Etsy, Madeline can spend her entire maternity surrounded by all things Sis Boom! Need some bloomers? MaggieBogart has you covered: bloomers Rattles? LoneCedarStudio saves the day: rattle Mama needs a coffee break? Protect your fingers thanks to ckstitches: coffee-break Ensure sweet dreams for your little one thanks to bailybelle: dream-catcher Zurelli knows that no nursery is complete without some plush animal friends: stuffed-animal And finally, for when you're overwhelmed with joy, love, and happiness towards the perfect little human you've created, reach for those tissues in style with help from SarasDaisyLove: tissues CONGRATULATIONS MADELINE AND JORDAN! WE LOVE YOU! -- Lisa P.S. Madeline will be posting a big nursery reveal in the coming weeks on her blog, Oh My Gemini!! Make sure to check it out!

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