My Mom Patricia

Oh this woman works 24/7 !!  She is our best promoter.  She’s got 6 kids and she’s always putting a good word in for us where ever she can. She has sold more Girls World than anyone and has started pitching Happy Home due out in May. She called me yesterday cause she’s sending a letter to Channel 4 NY Live to talk about Girls World.  This is a woman who delights in her children’s successes and knows what hard work it takes and all the highs and lows. The fact of the matter is that it would be nice to get that gig and promote the brand but my life doesn’t depend on it. She taught me that, she taught me acceptance. She’s also where I learned to be kind and for me at the end of my life I don’t want to be remembered by how many yards I sold but rather how I made a difference in someone’s life you can bet that came from her.  It matters to me.  When I see a little girl in a Sis Boom dress and realize the love that goes into creating that dress, that’s what matters.  Sometimes we think a flashier car or luxury items will make us better people but when you live in the moment and are grateful for what you do have you realize and can appreciate that they are nice things but they don’t define us. I want to live in a world where everyone matters and everyone has value!  She taught me that. I know what it is to struggle and I recognize that we all have our hardships, and we all have our successes.  I love that you allow me to be part of that.  I wonder as we all do if I will ever truly be a success , oh yes I have those days that I feel invisible and no one likes me or my products. But then I reach out and help another struggling person with the same negative thinking going on in the back ground well guess what?? We both feel  better by purging those stalking ghosts and are more motivated to try it for another day.  That’s how it works.  I’m not a saint I just know what momma taught me and so far it’s never failed me.  Thanks mom I love you so much…

Oh and she also taught me about Unbirthdays, just celebrating folks for just being them so today I wish you all a Happy Unbirthday especially you mom!

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  1. Heather says:

    What a beautiful woman! And she sounds like an amazing person too. She sure did a great job raising you!

  2. gail kent says:

    thank God for good Mothers like yours-what a wonderful blessing she is-what a wonderful world we would have if all Mothers would be like this or just at least half like your Mother-Mothers showing love is always a wonderful thing-blessings to her and you

  3. Melissa P says:

    Happy Unbirthday to all! And especially so to you and your wonderful mother. Making the world a better place is not accomplished by the powerful and connected. It is accomplished by regular people who commit to doing the right thing each and every time, treating those around them with love and respect and putting their own fears and shortcomings aside. I love that Sis Boom emphasizes all these things and encourages the thinking and behavior that brings joy and happiness to each of our lives. Thank you!!

  4. Sondra says:

    Dear Jennifer,
    This is such a very special post. Thank you for sharing this. My contact with you on twitter has always been so positive. I can see you mother in you. Best to both of you. Sondra

  5. Monique says:

    How wonderful that your mom is your biggest fan and is so proud of you!I love seeing her smile on your blog and hearing about what a great mom she is for you!!I also love being part of the community that you have built that supports & cheers for each other!!There are things happening that are bigger than fabric & patterns~ although the fact that those are amazingly beautiful makes the the whole experience complete!

  6. Becky Greene says:

    Aren’t Moms the best??? Thanks for sharing such a special lady with us through this wonderful post!

  7. Tammy Gilley says:

    You look just like your mama. Adorable. xo

  8. Andra hepler says:

    If I didn’t already like you, I would certainly like you after that nice post about your mom! Continued success!

  9. Jenny Fish says:

    I love your mom! And what a legacy she is leaving! You definitely reflect her teachings, you are such a positive happy influence in my life and I know many others.
    And now we know who emptied the warehouse…I JUST LOVE IT! Happiest thing I read today! Did a little happy dance in my mind(I was in the car, no room to move. =D)

  10. cynthia says:

    Your mom is great! I try to do things like that for my six children too 🙂

  11. Tam says:

    What a great mom. You posted this on the day of my mom’s birthday, who is no longer with us. Reading about your mother made me miss mine even more. We both are lucky to have/had great moms. Thanks for sharing.

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