What I love about you!

What I love about all of you is your willingness to make your own mark in this world.  My mom once said when I had to have a gator on my chest signifying LaCoste and The elite group I aspired to be part of was that your own name is enough!! I never forgot that.  Make your own way in this world , be an individual take the rules and cut them up.  There’s a new Sheriff in town!!  Take orange and red and put a slice of green in to throw the expected off!! Make folks think. Take that pattern and put your own flourish!!  I once said to our girl Carla (Pattern engineer extraordinaire) lets put a ruffle here and add a puff sleeve yadda yadda and she said don’t worry they will do that themselves let’s just keep it simple.  You demonstrate your designer sensibility everyday our job is to give you the tools and say go for it!! Sis Boom has your back!!  So here our very special Jenny with a J from Sew Pretty dresses gives Kelsy a Girls World halter with her own signature style.  I love how she used Girls World Vibe, the scale , the color, and then the magical trim..you guys don’t need me although I hope you always will :)!!  That’s what this is all about.  Never be self conscious march into this world like you own it but don’t step on others!!  If you believe in you then others will too!! Okay I’ve said enough.  Show us the goods!! Oh and purchase your Girls World from Martha Pullen or LolaPink Fabrics in the next month until the end of March and get two yards of Girls World Vibe free from me..show me your receipt!!

6 Responses to “What I love about you!”

  1. Love this so much and love Jenny and the way she sews for her special little girl, how incredible and the memories she makes are so wonderful!!!

  2. Thank you for the words and world!

  3. Melissa P says:

    Jenny’s done it again. And the happiness she is sharing with her daughter is plain to see. Way to go, Jenny!

    And thank you never seems enough for all you do to keep all of us supplied with fresh fuel for the creative flames. But Thank You!!

  4. Monique says:

    Your fabrics and patterns make it easy for us to add our own spin to things! That’s the fun in all this is sharing & seeing what others can dream up~ Jenny is especially good at that! 🙂

  5. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Jenny’s done it again, another gorgeous dress and using your fabric is the best possible way!! Jennifer you are so supportive and inspiring!

  6. Jenny Fish says:

    You are all very sweet. Jennifer you are by far my greatest inspiration. I come to your blog daily knowing I will be dazzled by your work or by the work of one of your many fans. I just love how generous and encouraging you are to not just me but all of those who work with your fabrics. YOU are the catalyst behind my teaching, blogging and dream of patterning! Love you and love all you that are so kind about my work. Your sweet words really keep me sewing looking forward to what you think of my next creation. I love being in this wonderful community of creative women!

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