She’s a West Indies Queen!

What?! (screamed with excitement and Joy)… This is just so powerful and so beautiful. What a stunning little girl and what a beautiful West Indies Outfit! We’re not sure what tops it off– the Hunter boots or the beautiful crown!

You’re probably not surprised that this is Miss Hickity Pickity! She never fails to amaze us! (don’t you just want to eat that chunky rick-rack?! So delish!)

Beautiful Photography by Forty Toes!

7 Responses to “She’s a West Indies Queen!”

  1. Melissa P says:

    Judy never fails to deliver. Everything she does has the magic of childhood. Love it!

  2. Jenny Fish says:

    Isn’t she amazing! Such a great eye for detail!

  3. Monique says:

    I love everything about the outfit! Judy always sews such amazing designs!

  4. Rachaeldaisy says:

    Truely amazing!!! And such gorgeous photos!! I’m so excited- I just saw Girl’s World Vibe in your fabric section!! Love Love Love the colours and patterns!!!

  5. Jamie Harned says:

    The dress AND the girl are amazing! I finally ordered my west indies!!! Any day now!

  6. You are so so sweet everyone!! So blown away that Jennifer posted this, Isnt Miss Stella beautiful??? Her mom is gonna be sooooo soooo famous, just watch it’s happening soon!!! Thank you Jennfier for the prettiest fabrics ever, you make my creative juices go crazy!!

  7. P.S. I eat that chunky ric rac for breakfast in different colors every morning, helps with the ideas!!!haha

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