Laminate on the Wall!?

You read it right, friends!… Why not? In a recent photo shoot for the Marissa Dress and Bosco Bowtie we experimented with our laminate in a new and exciting way… we hung it on the wall!

It created not only a really awesome backdrop for a special photo moment, but also gave off a great vibe and transformed the room into something bold and exciting.

Had we taken it a step further we may have framed it with some delicate wood pieces to create a panel on the wall. I smell a DYI project! Quick and simple! Give it a shot- get your Laminate here!

6 Responses to “Laminate on the Wall!?”

  1. Jackie says:

    Fabulous idea!!

  2. Allie says:

    SIS BOOM WALLPAPER! Brilliant!

  3. cc says:

    see Jen, I told you wallpaper was the way to go! I’d totally apply this with wallpaper paste in a bathroom. it would be SO cool!

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