Sweet Baby Jamie

Hey, All! It’s Madeline here! Jen is out in LA for the filming of Rick Rack’s Mary Fancy Sash Dress video tutorial! (say that ten times in a row!).. I’m holding down the fort over here at Sis Boom and surfing through all of your awesome projects on Flickr! I stumbled across this really special piece…

What a sweet, cuddly, lovable quilt!! We LOVE this!! We just want to curl up in it it looks so cozy and precious! Beautiful job, Sweet Baby Jamie!!! (Beauitful photos borrowed from Sweet Baby Jamie Flickr stream). Hope you’re all having an awesome day! xx

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4 Responses to “Sweet Baby Jamie”

  1. Melissa P says:

    This quilt makes me want to curl up and relax. It’s so inviting.

  2. Monique says:

    Jamie always does an awesome job with her rag quilts!!

  3. Wonderful work jamie, just love all your goodies!!

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