I’m so not alone!

Thanks for all that comfort!!!  I loved all your honesty!!!  The funny thing is  the moment it happened I wanted to blame someone !!! If I wasn't so rushed,If my son would get out of bed, if people could have helped me load the car, If my daughter would clean her room, If my husband had pulled his car up it never would have happened.  Oh my God self righteous anger came right in the side door and almost had me blurt out stupid stuff !!  Thank God I didn't cause hindsight tells me I need to slow down.  Rationale can take a life on of its own.  So I really appreciated you fessing up cause that pride can so get in the way of just keeping the peace!!  Speaking of fessing up my friend Victoria Bryant who writes the blog for Fabric.com  admitted to her little fender bender!!  I love you guys!!!  Speaking of loves I have another special love Terri Wilhelm of Terri's notebook  she has been one of those incredible Sis Boom supporters and I can't thank her enough!!  She looks like she's 12 has a heart of gold and delights in crafting beautiful quilts and I know lots of you identify with that!!  She loves Nature and quilts and believes in living in the moment.
Truly a lovely human being, a quality person who appreciates the everydayness of her life.  I learn so much from her!  Take a look at her coin quilt!!
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31 Responses to “I’m so not alone!”

  1. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Simple but very beautiful (my kind of quilt) and I especially like when a quilt uses and shows off the whole fabric line. : ) You have a beautiful line of fabric.

  2. Terriaw says:

    You really know how to bring tears to a girl’s eyes! I am so humbled. Besides my parents’ pride at college graduation (only 19 years ago) and the vows my husband said to me at our wedding (only 8 years ago), this is one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me! Thank you so much for being my friend AND for giving us such beautiful fabrics to play with. Love you!

  3. I love it!! So inspiring

  4. Corinnea says:

    Such a simply beautiful use of your fabrics. Love the back as much as the front! Kudos to you both!

  5. Cathy says:

    I’m constantly amazed by the talent of women who create beautiful quilts! Quilts convey 3 things to me: 1. The beauty of the fabrics used.
    2. The perserverance of the quilt maker.
    3. The talent extraodinaire of the quilt maker.
    I love the blues and greens in the fabrics and the use of the pink fabrics really draws the eye in. Great job, Terri, and beautiful fabrics, Jennifer!

  6. sherri says:

    I love reading Terri’s blog as well…perfectly said!

  7. Kim D. says:

    Terri’s quilt is gorgeous.. Of course those fabrics help out too.. 🙂 I follow her blog as well and she is just delightful..

  8. Suzi says:

    That is absolutely stunning!

  9. so I guess if you do the math Terri can’t be 12 but she was born under one lucky star!

  10. Tabitha O. says:

    Oh wow that quilt is just…yes stunning is definitely the appropriate word here…stunning…LOVE IT!

  11. ariel says:

    Beautiful! the back is my favorite 🙂

  12. Cathy says:

    I love the quilt!!!! Such a pretty design!!

  13. *Staci * says:

    Awesome quilt. I love the back too. It’s very lovely.

  14. Allie says:

    OH MY. That quilt is WONDERFUL. I don’t know which side I like best! I’d have to hang it in the middle of the room so I could see both sides. The colors and designs in the fabrics are amazing. Really, really beautiful.
    I’m going to have to visit her blog!

  15. Mechelle says:

    WOW love it… See your fabrics just make everything any one sews, BEAUTIFUL. I am not a great quilter, but I think I may be able to handle this one. Thanks for the fabrics we all LOVE and for the updates! And if you ever figure out how to get your daughter to clean her room, please let me know.. so I can get my girls to do the same! lol..

  16. Terriaw says:

    Would you believe I’m 40 – yes, forty?! I can’t believe I said that out loud!

  17. Love the coin quilt, love your blog, love Terri’s blog. Yes, she does look very young :).

  18. Melinda says:

    A beautiful quilt because it’s so fresh and vibrant. The perfect summer quilt.

  19. Renee E says:

    Love Terri’s quilts and it helps that they are made with pretty fabrics!

  20. Thanks for stopping by The Finer Things! I just love your designs– especially your dresses for girls. I’m planning to feature one of them in a post next week! Have a lovely weekend!

  21. thank you Jess ..I’ll also put you on my blog roll..you are the best!!

  22. erika says:

    When I worked in a psychiatric hospital I found that the kids felt that they were alone and no one understood how they felt. Fortunately, we are not the only ones to crash into parked trees or cars or fences–how dare they be there!:)
    have a great weekend!

  23. you to Erika ..please shoot me your address when you have the chance!!!

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  25. jennifer says:

    I love how she did the background…
    I really should get back into quilting when I get out of the doll making phase I’m in!!
    I’m glad you’re feeling better about going “boom” with your car!!
    have a great weekend!!

  26. Gorgeous quilt…really fabulous. Everything is fabulous in your fabric, my sweet. You make it all so easy! xo

  27. Suzie says:

    I love this quilt, it shows the gorgeous fabrics so beautifully 🙂
    Glad you are feeling better about things Jennifer.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  28. Oh that is just beautiful!!

  29. Rebekah says:

    What a beautiful quilt! I love the colors!
    I definitely understand the frustration with the fender bender – and there’s nothing that can make it feel better except time! OK, except maybe chocolate!

  30. Gorgeous quilt. I love the use of your fabrics!

  31. Cheryl says:

    Yea for Terri! You’re right, she is talented and is a very special person!

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