Car crash and pretty things!

Backed into the hubby's car over the weekend not something I recommend.  It still feels awful but I must say after sharing it on facebook  I am struck by how many folks have done it and aren't ashamed to say it!!!  It happens in a flash and when all the math is tabulated it feels like you want to hurl….oh and the question on everyone's mind is what kind of car?  He bought a nice Volkswagon economy car with a diesel engine just about two weeks ago and he couldn't wait to get it on the open road and travel forever on a dollars worth of gas.  I told you I was in a fog! Well somehow the fog lifts when you back your car into your husband's car that crunch of metal and steel and then him (my husband) flying out the screen door to see what happened.   In a flash I was stunned and mortified.  Somehow  saying nothing is the best thing to do.   Your son whose 19 telling you to go inside he'll talk to about a roll reversal.  Why when we are economically challenged do these things occur????  So anyway I thought I'd share this with you and if you can top that please do cause my ego could use the balm.  While I'm here I thought I'd show some more pics of the Flower Power  bed.  Have fun creating your own nest.

DSC_0092 DSC_0093_3 DSC_0070_4 DSC_0090_2 DSC_0068_3

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  1. maybe you should rest in that bed after all you had been through with the accident!!
    Yes we all have been there, thankfully mine wasn’t even a fender bender and I didn’t get into too much trouble. Ahh Jennifer this is what makes life so much fun don’t you think? The things we don’t laugh at in the beginning but later on are fun tales to tell- your son will have a field day with this one!

  2. Amy Hodge says:

    Don’t feel bad. I had a neighbor once who was backing out of her garage…and forgot to open the garage door! Think about that one for a while. 🙂

  3. Suzi says:

    I hit a parked car. Was buys playing a prank on a friend and not paying attention to what was in front of me. It was my dad’s truck…..mortifying.

  4. My Dad forgot to put the handbrake on my car in the garage, and he opened the garage door to get the mower out and started mowing. Moments later my car was halfway down the hill wedged into the hedge.
    Another time I borrowed my husbands car and took it to have new tyres, forgot it didn’t have parking sensors and promptly reversed into the biggest sign you have ever seen!!!
    Don’t feel bad – it happens – you learn from it. xx

  5. Jennifer, You’re o.k., right? That’s what matters. But seriously, I want to see the top of the “canopy”. You’ve teased me with this picture before and I love how you did the fabric hanging from the ceiling, but I can’t see HOW you hung it! Please share.

  6. Julie says:

    Jennifer, Flower Power is just stunning! At this time I can only day dream about all of the possibilities and combinations. Thank you for another inspiring collection. You bring out the creativeness is all of us. – Julie

  7. Allie in MI says:

    Egads – I would definitely be spending time in that bed, hiding in the pillows! Sweetie, I PROMISE you that you will laugh about this. Maybe not today, but someday.
    My mother-in-law drove through her garage one time. Yep, right through. Hubby took off the side mirror of his own car, backing another out of the driveway. My mother honks at mailboxes that don’t move. [I drive her everywhere, now]. I’ll never forget the lady who backed into me at the library sale – I was putting boxes of books into the van, she hit my van going slow, and never even knew it! She knocked me down. I was running after her, yelling and screaming, and she just kept going. Totally oblivious. It happens!
    Another time, my mom and I were walking up to the fabric store, and a lady hit her gas instead of her brake as she was parking – right over the curb and at us! She brushed my leg as she went past. So be very glad it was a car and not a people. Cars can be repaired.
    Oh – got in my girlfriend’s van, with all the kids, and she put it in reverse and hit the gas – hard – right into my van. Oh golly how we laughed. Of course, she got it fixed before I had to go home to see hubby. Good grief, that reminds me of another one. I got my first cell phone bill, and made the mistake of reading it at a light – it shocked me so bad I hit the car in front of me. Then got out of the car and yelled at the person I hit! Talk about ashamed! I think I better stop now, apparently I could do a couple of posts on this very subject, lol! Hugs to you, dear Jennifer!

  8. suesue says:

    when my kids were young i hit our fence post screws twice in one day! once with the kids in the car and once by myself. the (deep) scratches were in two different places i guess because of the weight in the car. my husband was not! happy with me to say the least!! in fact, i have quite a reputation with “little” accidents. thankfully, it’s been a few years since i’ve had one!

  9. Maija Lepore says:

    Your 19 year old son has been waiting his entire life to intercede with hubby on your behalf….now he will really know he is a ma! I have a 17 year old son- is yours in college? Mine leaves in September! Yikes!

  10. Regina says:

    Don’t feel bad…it’s happened in our driveway a grand total of three times! My husband, in his very large truck, backed into my tiny little Toyota many years ago for what we refer to as “incident #1”. He did it again several years later (different cars)- “incident #2”. And, lastly, “incident #3” was all my fault…I just never saw his truck…backed right into it! We have too many cars in our driveway! Husband’s truck, my Suburban, husband’s #2 truck totally dedicated to hunting trips, a cargo trailer, husband’s work van, and my mother gave my son a Mustang a few months ago…he is only 14…doesn’t even drive yet! The garage has two boats and a 4-wheeler! So, anyway, don’t feel bad…it happens to us all! (smile!~!)

  11. Oh – more times than I can count. Closing the garage door when my bike rack was on the back (can you hear the crunch of the garage door?!?) – that’s happened more than once! After selling my car, I backed into hubby’s car on the way out to drop off it off to it’s new owners (fix-o-bumper on the way), and the list goes on. Can I crawl into that bed? It looks divine!

  12. jennifer says:

    Well, I took off my whole bumper, left light and other things backing out of my garage!
    I zigged when I shoould of zagged!!
    It was truely the walk of shame when I went to tell my husband…

  13. Ahhhh, a bead to dream for. I think it is a miracle we still have a car, as klutzy as I am. oxoxoxo Clarice

  14. Evelyn says:

    My husband backed into our baby sitter’s car when we were leaving to go to his company’s holiday party last year. That was one expensive date!
    There’s a great chapter in Randy Pausch’s book The Last Lecture ( about his wife backing her car into his beautiful new car. She thought he’d be so upset, and was about to start calling around to get both of the cars repaired. But Randy said something like “if they still run fine, let’s not fix them – they are just cars and a little cosmetic damage is something we can live with”. He related it to love and marriage, and how both you and your spouse change over time, and how there’s no need to “fix” that, either. Good food for thought!

  15. Tabitha O. says:

    OY! I am sure I have a TON of stories but I have chosen to just block’em out and let hub remind me later when he is teasing me….we only have one car so I am grateful that I don’t have another car to entice me into hitting it…here’s one recent goofball typical me story–cleaning under the kids playset I stood up chattering non-stop as usual right into the perfect corner of wood leaving a quite lovely corner of wood impression in my skull/scalp and a wee bit of blood as we all know how head wounds bleed….did my kids freak? NO nor did my hub they just ALL sighed sat me in a chair with an ice pack and ordered me to STAY PUT…that sounds scarier than it was but no major damage
    as for that financial stuff hanging around I have decided to put my hands on my hips, set my feet and look it squarely in the ‘eye’ and laugh boldly in it’s proverbial face–sometimes all we can do is laugh and keep on swimming right?
    think I am gonna drop by to curl up in that chair and do some hand

  16. Rebecca says:

    I LOVE the bed!!!
    My husband had a wonderful Ford Bronco a few winters ago. Not only did he love it, but the rest of us did too. One day, we went to watch an NFL playoff game at a friend’s house. We had taken two vehicles because my hubby had to be there earlier than the rest of us. The kids were getting tired, so I took the Bronco with them and headed home. It had snowed the day before, and on the way to their house, the gravel road we had to take was really good – things were melting. But, as it got dark out, everything froze, and the road was slippery as he**! I accidentally stepped on the brake (something my hubby had drilled into my head was absolutely WRONG on ice) when I saw someone ahead of me. I lost control and ended up flipping his beloved Bronco, with our beloved kids into the ditch, with one of my beloved children being thrown out the window. Miraculously, the worst injury was one of my daughters getting some cuts on her forhead. Other than that, it was scratches and major bruising. Even for my little guy who was thrown! There is nothing like asking if everyone is okay after an accident, and not getting an answer from one of your children. As I screamed his name, I saw him walking towards us like an angel. The relief was like NOTHING I have ever felt before or since!!!
    The guilt I felt after that was immense! Mostly for nearly killing my kids, but also because I totalled my hubby’s beloved vehicle – which was only about a month old (for him at least, it was used to begin with.) And I did SO MANY things wrong that night! And sadly, we only had collision insurance on it, no comp, and a bank note. So, we had to pay for that vehicle for a year after we lost it. And I TOTALLY know what you mean about these things happening when finances are already challenging!!! That tends to happen here too! Yuck!!! Keep your head up girl!!!!

  17. Corinnea says:

    Yep, your flower power bed would be a lovely place of refuge! Our apartment has a 45 degree turn to get into it. I was very tired one night and scraped my fairly new mini all down the back fender. I went into the house crying to tell my husband I obviously did NOT deserve a new car if I was that careless. What a sweet man he just patted my back even though I know he sooooo wanted to say something.

  18. Marsha says:

    Don’t worry – your hubby will get over it. Some day you’ll look book on it and everyone will laugh! Feel better.

  19. Marsha says:

    Oops! I meant to say “look back on it” – I should proof before I post!

  20. anina says:

    I backed into my hubby’s car once as well – about 30 seconds after he said “Watch out for my car when you pull out.”

  21. Caroline says:

    Just remember, this too shall pass. I posted my story on FB for you, hope you got a chance to read it!

  22. Jodi says:

    Oh gosh what a sick feeling. Bummer! But it has to feel good that you’re not alone. ooxx`jod

  23. Stephanie says:

    Sorry I can’t top that one but I know another funny car story…many years ago good friend drives his mercedes to work. When he comes out to get in his car it’s gone. First thought…stolen. He begins to look for it and decided to look in the Potomac River (stationed at Quantico, VA at the time). There it is. He didn’t put the emergency break on and it was a stick and he had it in gear. The car was sunk and had to be written off as a total loss. New car too. He replaced it with a Honda!
    Lovely fabrics.

  24. Cathy says:

    What matters is that you are safe and sound! Better to pay for a car repair, than a hospital bill. And could that son of yours be more of a sweetheart! Just gotta say, “WOW” your bed fabric gives your room such European appeal — simply love it!

  25. V says:

    ok. I have a good one. My dad was notorious for not paying attention while driving, so in our family it’s known that only my father could have done this.
    He was rubber necking at a accident on the road he was driving on and rove straight into a cop car parked on the side of the road…
    That’s embarassing… But gets a classic laugh form anyone in our family! ah! unconditional love.
    glorious bedding… I could sink into it right now.

  26. I’m so sorry! I love it that your son stepped in, that is so sweet, and a real blessing for you!!!
    My hubby is the one so far with the backing ins, and there’s been a few!!! I love it because I can tease him. Not too much though, because I know someday it’s my turn.
    don’t stress over all that, you are a lovely lady, and I know your hubby is over it by now!!

  27. Jennifer, you poor thing! We’ve all been there, my husband likes to tease me that I can’t go backwards. I’ve hit bicycles, a wheelbarrow and a car. You are certainly not the only one!
    The bed is fabulous, you always amaze me with your talent for mixing colors and patterns together!

  28. ariel says:

    all these comments should make you feel much better now 🙂 I’ve hit a bright yellow pole in the parking lot. Yellow is supposed to be the color/light wave we see FIRST….

  29. amylouwho says:

    It would take to long to recount all of the things I have backed into. I went from driving a VW bug to a family car and I still can’t get used to it’s length – or the placement of mailboxes (yes, plural. Not to mention the ditches in our development that are fun to get stuck in. Talk about the walk of shame!
    and yes, love love love the bedding. I have nicknamed you the queen of damask.

  30. O.K. I think I beat you on that one. I was driving into the drive way. My husband cleaning the front yard I saw him the kids but didn’t see the lawnmower in the drive way. Yes that big thing that cuts the grass. All of a sudden I hear the big noise and I don’t know what I hit. My husband and kids just look at me like what are you doing? How could you miss not seeing that big thing? My husband still doesn’t know how I could have ran over it.
    Redding Ca

  31. Linda backed our brand new van into a fallen tree about 6 months after we got it,and we were all sad, but time goes on, and as one of the people said above, it is only a little bit of damage..shortly after that she was switching lanes and a lady rearended her, but the insurance companies blamed Linda for switching lanes to fast. I think our new van has a worse blind spot than the old one, and we are both a little anxious driving it because of that. I am sorry that you had that mishap..I know things like that can rattle me for quite some time too, it will be fine in the long run…
    Blessings to you and Peter…and your dear son…so gallante to take care of his mother like that!

  32. erika says:

    Well, there are numerous stories to get you smiling. Thank goodness you are alright and your son now has a story for later in life.
    Crawl in that gorgeous bed. I imagine only good dreams come forth…

  33. Laurie says:

    oh honey! Life can be so unfair at times! At least he can forgive you and not the guy next door! LOL~ Here are some big ~~HUGS~~ Could be worse, right! Just take it easy for a few days…..take your sweet doggie for some walks………hang in there!

  34. Bobbie Lynn says:

    Oh no! Sorry to hear but it was an accident and it happens to the best of us. Just to let you know I did the same thing a couple of months ago with my hubby’s truck. So I know how you feel. Bad thing is that he is not back from being overseas and I have not had the nerve to tell him over the phone or by e-mailed about it. : ( I guess this will be a show and tell kind of thing.
    Those pillows are beautiful.

  35. Oh Jennifer, that is such a bummer! One evening, last fall I was out driving in our minivan taking pretty fall pictures–when I decided to pull up to the front of our property. I got out, took a couple of shots, got back into the car and proceeded to drive myself right into our steep ditch! Let me tell you, I was stuck. In my own front yard! I was just praying none of our neighbors would drive by and see me.
    The part where I got stuck got all ripped up with dirt everywhere. It took quite a bit for my husband to get me out because the 4-wheel-drive wasn’t working on his truck and by the time he did, it was pitch dark out. (I never even admitted that one on my blog!)
    My youngest, who’s three, likes to point out once in awhile, to keep me humble… ‘That’s where mommy got stuck.” or “‘Member when mommy got stuck in the ditch?” I try to change the subject, real quick! Apparently kids remember everything (that they’re not suppose to)!

  36. Suzie says:

    I had a friend who backed her hubby’s company car into a tree at my house once – that wasn’t good!
    But yes, you will look back in time and share a laugh over this 🙂
    In the meantime can I please come and move into that bed – I don’t take up much room I promise!

  37. Alice says:

    Well, first let me say! You are not alone! Yes others have done it! I took out the whole side of my hubby’s new sports car! The kids just looked at me with big, wide eyes. Dear Hubby just came out of the door and went right back in! I think he thought if he went back into the house everything would rewind!
    Second …if I had that bed …it would have made everything a whole lot better to take! Just relax, it happens to the best of us!

  38. great living room and the furniture as well.

  39. Terriaw says:

    I love the pretty bed all made up!
    I do have a similar car crash story. My husband backed MY car into a dumpster, causing a small dent on the side. Then a couple months later, I backed MY car (same car) into the mail box post, causing a nice white streak on the other side. Good thing it’s a Subaru, which is meant to be abused. Oh yeah, when I was in college, I totaled my brother’s car. Nice sister, eh?!

  40. Becky Howell says:

    Here’s a good, shameful one…my husband was deployed to Iraq for the third time. While he was gone I had strict orders to drive his beast of a truck once a week or so. I needed to take a toddler bed to a friends house, so I loaded it in his truck (along with our 6 month old) and dropped it off. When I was finished, it was dark and I had to back out of a driveway into a cove to turn around. Hit a parked car! Hate driving his truck because it is SO big and I am 5’2 and I can’t see anything! Had to email him and tell him I crashed his precious truck while he was away! As if he didn’t have enough going on fighting a war:( He was a good sport about it and I had it fixed before he got home!

  41. Laura Phelps says:

    oh man..can’t you SEW THE CAR BACK TOGETHER??? Maybe put a lovely throw pillow over the dents?
    SO sorry….
    but that bed is fantastic…at least you have beautiful bedding you can cry into!

  42. Nancy Geaney says:

    I’m ready for my mid afternoon nap….zzzzzzzzzz.

  43. Rafael's mum says:

    Hi! Only just found your blog and saw what happened.. Firstly I echo what everyone says.. Glad you yourself are ok! Secondly… yep, very common thing to do…A couple of years ago I lived in a house with a driveway to the garage, then they had paved over the lawn in front of the house for a second car,.. behind the original kneeheight garden wall… And yes, you guess what happened! I forgot I was in the second space and not in front of the garage. Backed out, felt the resistance (and heard the crunch..) looked in my side mirror and as if in slow motion saw the whole thing crashing down! First thing is you look round if someone saw it (hubby at work..) but that is silly really.. Didn’t see anyone but afterwards they all say “I saw you do it..” from behind the curtains I presume? I got it fixed eventually but felt soooo stupid. Just to let you know, you are not alone!

  44. Rafael's mum says:

    Thanks for saying nice things about my blog Jennifer! I tried to find your email but can’t find it… (mine is on my blog). But I’m not Rachel… you must have misread. My name is Marguerite and I am using Rafael’s mum for fun as Rafael is my dog! Close though 🙂 I like your blog too. Loved to hear from you! Pop in anytime.

  45. Jeanne says:

    I know this must have been so hard on you..but keep in mind it is just a car. Really. My brother ran into my new car once and he felt so sick over it that I couldn’t even be upset. On the other hand…what you create with fabrics and color is so gorgeous!!!!

  46. molly says:

    Jennifer, I have backed into about everything 🙂 You left a comment on my blog “Lilly Cakes” recently. I wanted to tell you how flattered I was. Your designs are so beautiful, your fabric is breathtaking. I have a scrapbook posted now on my blog that is done in your “Girlfriends” paper. By the way I had to gasp for air and pick myself up off the floor when I saw the bed on this post. Bee-u-t-ful!

  47. Tammy says:

    Our family still laughs over a family friend’s “accident”… it was the early 70’s and she drove a tank of a Cadillac. When out shopping one day she backed into a VW Bug. Well, the bug’s bumper got stuck to her bumper! So what did she do? She drove the 3 or 4 blocks home… dragging the bug behind her.

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