Follow up to my sisters ongoing Dog Saga……

This link will take you to an interview of my sister Meghan for the local Atlanta news …type in" Wild Dogs Loose" the new concern is having the children trick or treat with the dogs lurking somewhere…sounds like a pretty scary Halloween to me.  Very frustrating circumstances but now maybe someone in the Atlanta area will see this and something more will be done.  Thanks for all your comments they were a huge source of comfort to my sis…the last frame of the dog rolling in the grass is her new rescue….JJ  Life goes on…Jennifer

5 Responses to “Follow up to my sisters ongoing Dog Saga……”

  1. Karla says:

    You would think the city would have wanted this taken care of quickly – esp. with Halloween here. Guess we sometimes have too much faith in our officials.

  2. I hope someone does something soon. I’m really worried about the trick or treaters.

  3. Firefly Hill says:

    I hope they do something too….we cant have children in danger!
    I am glad that your sister has a rescue to love on…

  4. Marsha says:

    Just a quick note to wish you a happy Halloween!

  5. I’m sure the parents were just beside themselves with worry over the possibility of the wild dogs coming around. Hopefully no one else will need to be traumatized before they round them up. Happy November, Jennifer! ^..^

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